How much is the shipping cost?
For Standard Shipping
it is flat 6 dollars when your order is less than 30 dollars
it is Free shipping when your order is over 30 dollars
All items are shipped with tracking number.
How long does it take from ordering items to arrival?
We will ship within 3 days from order.
After shipping the item
In the case of Standard shipment, it is arrival in about 1-2 weeks.
In the case of EMS shipment, it is arrival at around 3-5 days
Where can you check the ordered items?
We will send you a URL that can track tracking number and tracking number when shipping items.
Since there is a tracking number, you can see where the item you ordered is.
If you do not receive the product please contact us.
I will confirm the tracking number and tell it.
We will support the ordered items until you receive them.