[Yu-Gi-Oh Soaring] "Shooting-Riser-Dragon" Price Increases, Purchase Enhancement 1500 yen! Is the effect of deck adoption rate rising? ?

What is "shooter riser dragon"


 Shooting Riser Dragon is a synchro monster tuner that sends one monster from the deck to the graveyard if it is successfully synchro-summoned, and has the effect of lowering its own level by that monster's level.

Synchro Summoning can also be performed using yourselves as an ingredient during your opponent's Main Phase.


Shooting Riser Dragon allows you to send lower-level monsters from your deck to the graveyard if Synchro Summoning is successful.

In addition to being used as a simple graveyard fertilizer, adjusting the level of the Shooting Riser Dragon itself can also be linked to subsequent Synchro Summons.

Shooting Riser Dragon can be Special Summoned by the effect of Crystal Machine-Hari Fiber, and can activate the effect.


In the tournament environment, Shooting Riser Dragon is mainly used on the Orphegor deck.

You can Special Summon a "Girls Riser Dragon" from "Crystal-Harrifiber" to your opponent's turn, and send an "Orphegor" monster with a graveyard effect to the graveyard.

You can create a more powerful board by using the effects that can be Synchro Summoned to your opponent's Shooter Riser Dragon turn, and develop powerful Synchro monsters such as Varel Road S Dragon on your opponent's turn.


These days, it has been adopted as the new theme of the “rising rampage” [Tenge] deck.

Specially adopted in the construction combined with the main theme of the Genryu Tribal Synchro Summoner "Rypus", the "Tengei" monster can also be activated in the graveyard by the effect of the "shooter riser dragon". Can be sent to

It is also possible to deploy "Ryturn Star" Synchro monsters including "Genryusei-Boutengkou" on the opponent's turn by Shooting Riser Dragon.

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